Separation of sand in the USA, 2015

In 2015 a group of specialists from Denmark, among others from PlanEnergi, visited the USA to gather knowledge on separation of sand from cattle manure. Synopsis, collecting the findings from the trip, where seven different plants are described both simply and technically, with flow diagrams and pictures, was published afterwards (in Danish).

Sand and biogas

Cattle farmers need sand in the cubicles of the cows, but the biogas plants want absolutely no sand in their plants. This is a big problem. Therefore systems for sand filtering are being devel-oped all over the world. The Danish delegation went to the USA, to study experiences concern-ing the separation of sand from cattle manure, because of the combination of sand beds for cows and biogas production. The synopsis from the study tour includes mentions of the manure systems, sand separation systems, biogas plants and sand types used in each of the seven plants the visit covered.

The initiative for the specialist tour was taken in cooperation between Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming®, Christien Bas, Danish Farm Design, Rasmus Kjelsmark Nielsen, Byggeri og Teknik I/S and Karl Jørgen Nielsen, PlanEnergi.

The synopsis (in Danish) may be downloaded here.