Large-Scale Heat Pumps

The interest in heat pumps is great in these years and looks set to continue to increase. We are delighted that so many district heating plants can see the advantage of optimizing, expanding and going even greener by installing heat pumps.

PlanEnergi is involved as an consultant in a variety of projects involving heat pumps. For example, we handled client consultancy services by establishing a heat pump in Gl. Rye using groundwater as a heat source. The groundwater heat pump in Gl. Rye was the first of its kind in Denmark and cools the groundwater from 9°C to 2°C, before it is led out in a drain-system.

Furthermore, PlanEnergi as assisted Broager District Heating as consultant and project leader, in the process of establishing a 4 MW groundwater heat pump. The project received funding from the programme for large-scale heat pumps by the Danish Energy Agency.

PlanEnergi is also involved in the following projects:

  • Rødkærsbro District Heating: Heat pump for utilization of excess heat from a dairy
  • Farstrup-Kølby CHP-Plant, operated by Aalborg District Heating: Groundwater heat pump
  • Dronninglund District Heating: Groundwater heat pump

Besides heat pumps for district heating, PlanEnergi also assists industrial companies in the integration of heat pumps in their energy systems.

Please refer to project descriptions, by following these thumbnails: