Seasonal heat storage

Ever since the first thermal pit storage project in Ottrupgaard, PlanEnergi has been leading consultants within large seasonal storage projects. Some of the examples include the 75,000 m3 thermal pit storage in Marstal, the 19,000 m3 borehole storage in Brædstrup and the 60,000 m3 thermal pit storage in Dronninglund, together with the construction of a 1.5-2.0 mio m3 in Graz, Austria.

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Project Folder, Dronninglund
Project Folder, Long Term Storages and Solar District Heating

















  • Brædstrup District Heating (Regulatory procedures, tender, project and building management)
  • Dronninglund District Heating (Regulatory procedures, project and building management)
  • Løgumkloster District Heating (Design of the overall system and economic calculations. Contracts on solar thermal panels and heat pump. Measuring program)
  • Marstal District Heating (Regulatory procedures, tender, project and building management)
  • Status and recommendations for RD&D on energy storage technologies in a Danish context (2014). Edited by Alan Schrøder Pedersen, DTU and carried out for the Danish research programs.
  • Exploration of heat storage technologies and large heat pumps for use in district heating systems (2013). Carried out for the Danish Energy Agency.