Solar Heating

Solar District Heating in Denmark 1988-2016

In Denmark more than 1.3 million m2 of solar collectors are connected to district heating  

  • The number of district heating plants with solar collectors (SDH) has increased by 42 % in one year (new record*)
  • The total area has in 2016 grown by 62 % to over 1.3 million m2 compared to about 800,000 m2 by 2015 (new record*)
  • The number of Danish SDH plants are now over 100
  • Denmark has now installed more than 1 million m2 solar collectors

Danish district heating is the most innovative district heating sector in the world, because we have an open exchange of experience between the plants.

This is possible, because in Denmark – in contrast to most other countries – you can’t earn money on district heating, and therefore there is no business to keep good ideas to oneself. Savings realised by intelligent long term investments must always be passed on to the consumers.

PlanEnergi has been at the forefront of the development and planning of the district heating sector since the beginning, including large solar heating systems with Brædstrup and Dronninglund as the largest.

The map is showing the development from 1988 to 2016. At the end, also planned new systems/expansions are shown. Place your mouse over the map to pause the movie.

Find more info on some of the solar heating systems here.

See also the current solar heat production from a range of systems at




*  This increase is the biggest ever in absolute numbers and the biggest percentage in the last two decades.


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