IEA Energy Conversion and Energy Storage Annex 28 – Distributed Energy Storage for Integration of Renewable Energy (DESIRE)


A rapidly growing contribution by renewable energies to the overall energy production can be expected worldwide. Most renewables, like wind, PV or solar-thermal, are fluctuating resources. With increasing integration of renewable energies energy storage and energy balancing capacities are needed. So far the focus is on large, central and most cost effective energy storage technologies like pumped hydro or the conversion of surplus electricity into hydrogen. The potential and contribution of small and medium sized, Distributed Energy Storage (DES) technologies to balance fluctuation caused by renewable energies is mostly unexplored. Annex 28 DESIRE addresses this topic.

Key PlanEnergi activities

PlanEnergi is a sub-task leader in the project and is responsible for techno-economic modelling of the effect of decentral energy storage solutions on the energy system as a whole.

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Please find further information regarding a workshop, held by PlanEnergi in Copenhagen on April 28th 2017, by following this hyperlink. Please contact Dadi Sveinbjörnsson for access to the documents.