District heating in Japan

PlanEnergi cooperates with the Japanese non-profit organization ISEP (Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies) to build a district heating tradition in Japan based on local energy and self-determination. The effort is coordinated with the Danish Embassy in Tokyo and introduces Danish companies to the Japanese market.

Jens Birch Jensen is PlanEnergi’s project manager. Along with Hanne Skovby from the North Jutland district heating network Flex Energy and Poul Alberg Østergaard, professor at Aalborg University, he visited Japan to promote Danish knowledge of modern district heating and to prepare the planning of 2-3 demonstration projects.

One project deals with the establishment of district heating in the village of Ogata-Mura in Northwestern Japan. Ogata-Mura is a small municipality of about 3,000 inhabitants but also a large spa, etc. The district heating system must be included in Ogata-Muras plans to become selfsufficient in energy, keep on residents and so on. The district heating will be based on the shells and straw, which are residues from rice production.

For further information, contact  Jens Birch Jensen