Water Supply

PlanEnergi provides consultancy assistance regarding the planning and design of drinking water treatment plants. At present, PlanEnergi is directly responsible for the operation and administration of five drinking water treatment plants in the northern part of Denmark. The company assists in the operation, administration, and monitoring of thesedrinking  water treatment plants.

As part of its overall role regarding water supply, PlanEnergi is involved in:

  • Preparing progress reports on the state of the drinking water plants – in terms of issues like energy efficiency and treatment capacity
  • Planning for the distribution system of drinking water to the consumers,  by establishing water intake and treatment systems – including ground water drillings
  • Dealing with formal procedures in cases of any significant problems, related for example, to contamination of groundwater or resources
  • Coordinating action plans in case of emergencies and technical breakdowns – such as drinking water supply planning and the construction of new ground water drillings and treatment facilities.