Boreholes in Brædstrup

Brædstrup solar park is the first step in an extension aiming for a total project of 50,000 m2 of solar collectors and a solar fraction of 50 % of the district heating requirement in Brædstrup. The project was supported by the ForskEL-programme by, EUDP and a business development program in the Region of Central Jutland. PlanEnergi has assisted Brædstrup District Heating as consultant for the plant owner, from the first 8,000 m2 of the solar thermal plant and to the latest extension, consisting of:

  • 10,600 m2 thermal solar collector panels
  • 8,000 m3 borehole thermal energy storage
  • 0.3 MW (cooling) heat pump
  • 5,000 m3 steel tank (water)

The extension came into use in the summer of 2012.

Please refer to the Danish version of this page for a leaflet and the final report about the Brædstrup-project (in Danish).