Dronninglund – one of the world’s largest solar heating plants

PlanEnergi was the project developer and consultant to the owner of the plant which was supported by the EUDP, and opened in May 2014.

The plant consists mainly of the following:

  • 37,573 m2 solar collectors
  • 62,000 m3 thermal pit storage
  • 2.1 MW (cooling) absorption heat pump
  • Combined with bio-oil burners and natural gas fired CHP


The European Solar Prize 2015

Dronninglund District Heating won The European Solar Prize 2015. This prize was awarded by Eurosolar, the European association for Renewable Energy. Dronninglund District Heating was awarded the prize because at an early stage they were working to have a full scale heating system based onnew and renewable forms of heating, implementing seasonal storage of energy.

The prize was awarded at the historical castle, Waldstein, in Prague on November the 23rd, with the board of governors of Dronninglund District Heating present to receive the prize.

The whole article may be found at EnergySupply.dk (Danish only)