Wind Energy at Sea

As part of the environmental assessment work, PlanEnergi offers analyses and assessment of the landscape implications associated with constructing wind turbines at sea.

PlanEnergi has experience with both with offshore and nearshore wind turbines. Moreover, PlanEnergi has carried out numerous environmental assessments of wind farm projects on land all over Denmark.

Visual impact on the landscape, cultural and recreational values on the coast and in the hinter-land are described and assessed through analyses, registration and visualization, if necessary.

The impact of alternative installation patterns and different types of wind turbines are illustrat-ed and evaluation is carried out, based on visualizations from angles that show the actual condi-tions and project variations in the best possible way.

Eventual cumulative effects of interaction with other wind parks and other technical installations are also illustrated.

Nearshore wind farms

PlanEnergi has prepared visualizations and assessments of the visual impacts on coastal areas in realtion with to the three nearshore wind parks at:

  • Smålandsfarvandet
  • Sejerø Bay
  • Sæby

Mejlflak Aarhus Bay

PlanEnergi has prepared an analysis of the impacts on the landscape, as part of the EIA report for the wind farm at Mejlflak in the Bay of Aarhus.