Organization and Governance


Bylaws PlanEnergi (available in Danish only)

Rules of procedure PlanEnergi (available in Danish only)

Report on good governance of the PlanEnergi Fund (available in Danish only)

The Board

PlanEnergi is an independent institution whose purpose is to promote the use of resource-saving and environment conservation systems. We aim to promote this through professional activities in renewable energy, rational use of energy as well as energy planning and information.

PlanEnergi has around 30 employees situated in three branches. Two in West Denmark, one in East Denmark.

PlanEnergi is managed by a board consisting of five members and three employee directors. Each member is appointed personally to ensure that the board – as closely as possible – represents the business areas which PlanEnergi prioritizes at any given time. Further to that, the Board is empowered to delegate management responsibility. The Board works along the lines of cooptation.

Members of PlanEnergi’s Board:

  • Bjarne Rasmussen, (chairman)
  • Bjarke Rambøll
  • Jesper Laage Kjeldsen
  • Marie Münster
  • Lars Reinholdt (employee director)
  • Dorte Skaarup Østergaard (employee director)
  • Anders Michael Odgaard (employee director)

An employees’ council consisting of all contractually based employees handles PlanEnergi’s day-to-day operations.

Employees’ Council

PlanEnergi has a flat structure. All important decisions are discussed in the employees’ council, which sets decision making points for the board. There is an employees’ council meeting a couple of times per year.

The Coordination Group

When discussion in a smaller forum is needed, a small group called The Coordination Group can convene. It consists of the heads of branches and the Board Employees’ Directors . The coordination group is not a quorum.

Profession Groups

We have organized ourselves in three profession groups; District Heating, Strategic Energy Planning and Wind Energy. The groups work with strategies for the professional development of each specific work area. Within the profession group each employee’s professional development is undertaken. Each profession group has a leader who is responsible for convening weekly or monthly meetings in the profession group.


PlanEnergi has three branches located in Skørping, Aarhus and Copenhagen. The branches are in charge of administrative matters, including labor and budgets within thebranch, in order for the workplace to be operative and the workload to be appropriate for the individual employee. Each head of branch is responsible for convening monthly meetings.