PlanEnergi offers consultancy in all stages of biogas plant planning, including analysis of biomass potential, profitability calculations, biogas planning for a total catchment area, organizing actors – establishment of a company, contracts, etc., design of biogas plants, preparation of applications, regulatory procedures, local development plant, EIA report, environmental and project approval, tender documents, contract with plant suppliers, assistance during commissioning and supervision.

District Heating

PlanEnergi offers consultancy in relation to all phases of the establishment of district heating supply, among other things preparation of a masterplan for transition to renewable energy sources and conversion of individual supply, regulatory procedures, project proposal, local development plan, EIA report and application, tender documents, contracts, supervision, construction management and tests of plant production.

Strategic Energy Planning

In order to support strategic energy planning, PlanEnergi offers consultancy concerning process planning and organization, status mapping, energy system analyzes, targeted workshop material, strategies and action plans.

Wind and Solar Energy

PlanEnergi offers consultancy in relation to all phases of wind turbine and photovoltaic planning, including analyses of potential wind turbine areas, optimization of installation patterns, in relations to wind conditions, landscape, topography, proximity to neighbours, noise and shadow casting, mapping of existing conditions, visualizations, community meetings and regulatory procedures – local development plans, supplement to municipal plans and EIA report.