4 MW Heat Pump at Broager District Heating Company

Broager District Heating was originally built as a natural gas-fired plant. In 2010 a 10,000 m2 solar thermal plant was installed. In Broager District Heating a ground water heat pump with a 4 MW heat capacity is the latest acquisition. The heat pump is expected to yield ¾ of Broager District Heating’s heat requirement of 24,900 MWh/year. The heat pump is dimensioned to be in operation around 5,000 hours per year in cooperation with the new heat storage tank, Thus, it is expected to increase ability of the plant to utilize fluctuating electricity from wind power and solar PV.

PlanEnergi has been the consultant for the plant owner on the already established solar thermal plant, together with:

  • New 4 MW groundwater heat pump with a nominal COP of 4.1
  • The construction of extraction and injection wells, all with a drilling depth of approx. 250 meters
  • Transmission pipelines between the wells and the plant
  • Installation of a new 15 / 0.4 kV 2,000 kVA transformer to supply the heat pump
  • Construction of a new heat pump building with various other facilities
  • Construction of the new 5,000 m3 storage tank
  • Application to the heat pump funding of the Danish Energy Agency
  • All regulatory procedures concerning the above-mentioned project

The plant came into use (test running) in the fall of 2016 and will be finally commisioned to Broager District Heating in 2018.