01/2016 – 12/2018


To support the implementation of “small modular renewable heating and cooling grids” for communities in South-Eastern Europe. This will be achieved through knowledge transfer and mutual activities of partners in countries where renewable district heating and cooling examples exist (Austria, Denmark, Germany) and in countries which have less development in this field (Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina). Core activities, besides techno-economical assessments, include measures to stimulate the interest of communities and citizens to set-up renewable district heating systems as well as the capacity building about financing and business models.

Results and perspectives

The outcome will be the initiation of new small renewable district heating and cooling grids in 5 target communities up to the investment stage. These lighthouse projects will have a long-term impact on the development of “small modular renewable heating and cooling grids” at the national levels in the five target countries.

Key PlanEnergi activities

PlanEnergi is the leader of the Work Package on “Best practices and framework analyses” (WP2) and contributes to all other work packages as well, including capacity building and support of development of case studies, providing input from Danish experience.

Best Practice Map

09/2016 CoolHeating Conference

Posters from the CoolHeating Conference in September 2016: