Workshop on distributed energy storage

PlanEnergi hosted an open workshop on distributed energy storage on april 28th 2017. The workshop was held as part of IEA ECES Annex 28 “DESIRE” – A project about the usage of distributed energy storage on building and neighborhood level for the integration of high shares of renewable energy. PlanEnergi‘s participation in the project is supported by the EUDP program of the Danish Energy Agency.

The workshop took place at Aalborg University Copenhagen, where approximately 35 guests listened to Danish and international experts in the field present their take on the question of which role distributed energy storages will play in the energy system of the future. The presenters were Andreas Hauer from ZAE Bayern, Aart Snijders from IFTech International, Brian Vad Mathiesen from Aalborg University, Anders Bavnhøj Hansen from, Chresten Træholt from the Technical University of Denmark and Dadi Sveinbjörnsson from PlanEnergi. After the presentations, the views of the experts were challenged in a lively panel debate. We hope that all workshop participants have gained better insight into the benefits and challenges of distributed energy storage solutions.

The programme concluded with a presentation on aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) from Stig Niemi Sørensen from Enopsol and a tour to Enopsols ATES facility at Copenhagen Airport. At the site we got the opportunity to see boreholes, heat exchanges, heat pumps and control systems used by the airport for seasonal storage of heat and cold, in order to provide heating and cooling for its buildings.

We at PlanEnergi would like to thank everyone for their active participation in the workshop. In case you are interested in further information about the DESIRE-project, feel free to contact Daniel Trier.