PlanEnergi simulates Hamburg heating supply

PlanEnergi has been appointed the task of simulating the heat supply in Hamburg, where a part of the coal-fired cogeneration production is due to be replaced with one or more sustainable technologies. The task is carried out in collaboration with the Hamburg Institute.

Hamburg face the great challenge to make the city’s energy supply more sustainable and climate-friendly, while maintaining security of energy supply and the competitiveness of the city. A number of scenarios will be set up that among other technologies include biomass-based alternatives, heat pump solutions and large-scale storage, but also a new natural gas-based combined cycle plant in order to compare the green and sustainable solutions to the more traditional and fossil-based natural gas plant. The existing heat supply and suggested alternatives is simulated in the program EnergyPRO.

The figure shows an overview of the total district heating network in Hamburg (Figure from Vattenfall).