Environmental Impact Studies and EIA

PlanEnergi has a specialized professional group that has planned and completed more than 60 land-based wind turbine projects.

Work on EIA investigations includes:

  • Project management, citizen and authority contact, including citizen involvement pro-cesses, as well as presentations and dialogue at the citizens’ meetings
  • GIS analyses of area interests and preparation of maps
  • Prioritizing placement considerations, including:
    • Landscape analyses, description and assessment of landscape, archeology, cul-ture, visual conditions
    • Inspection, photography, selection of visualization points
    • Visualizations of wind turbines and associated power plants, as well as night lighting
  • Impact assessment of protected nature, including:
    • Description and assessment of the impact on Annex IV species
    • Visualization, description and assessment of the impact on birds
  • Description and assessment of neighbour relations, visual impact, noise and shadow casting. Including:
    • Quality assurance and analyses of noise and shadows as well as visual impact on neighbouring homes
  • Description and assessment of other factors, including a) socioeconomics; b) climate; c) resources and waste; d) safety and risks; e) geology and ground water; f) health and surveillance; and g) other infrastructure
  • Proposals for possible preventive measures in the construction and operating phases
  • Editorial and layout of the overall report

Please refer to the Danish version of this page for examples of PlanEnergi’s work with EIA.