Biogas and Power to X

Biogas plants, large common plants as well as the smaller plants for single farms, have many pos-itive environmental effects, including reduced nitrogen leaching and fewer odors. Moreover, it is often economically beneficial to set up a biogas plant.

The biogas is sold to Cogeneration plants, industrial companies, the natural gas grid (when upgraded), consumed locally in a CHP-plant in order to produce electricity and heat or converted to fuels in a Power to X process. Selling to transport systems or ferry services via the natural gas network is also an intriguing possibility, which is being developed. Biogas production from manure is socioeconomically the cheapest way to reduce CO2 emissions.

PlanEnergi offers counsel through all phases in the planning of biogas plants: 

  • Analyses of biomass potential
  • Calculations of rentability
  • Biogas planning for the total catchment area
  • Organisation of actors, company establishment, contracts etc.
  • Design of biogas plants
  • Composition of applications
  • Regulatory approvals – local plan, EIA, environmental and project approval
  • Tender
  • Contracts with plant suppliers
  • Assistance during commissioning

Biogas – Green Energy, is a general introduction to biogas production (also available in Danish).