Calculation Tool for Total On-Site Biogas Store

An increasing development of biogas plants in Denmark lead to a tendency towards new and larger plants. Simultaneously, existing plants tend to increase capacity, which in many cases leads to a total on-site gas store of 10 tons and more, which means that the plant is to be assessed according to the Danish Act of Risk Management.

Based on the above stated development, PlanEnergi, together with Aarhus University, developed a guide and calculation tool for the calculation of the amount of on-site stored biogas at a biogas plant. The project was funded by the Danish Programme for Development and Demonstration of Energy Technology (EUDP).

The guide is a short methodological description on how to use the calculation tool. Furthermore, relevant planning procedures and legislation is described. You can find the guide here (only available in Danish).

The calculation tool takes into consideration the possible alternatives for gas storage and calculates the total on-site biogas store. You can find the calculation tool here (only available in Danish).

For further information, assistance in calculations of the total stored biogas or other assistance in regard to biogas, please contact us here.