KinaSino-DK-RED I Zhengzhou i Kina, 2014

The aim of the CNREC RED Project is to implement “from biogas to electricity”.

The full-scale demonstration project, partly funded by CNREC (China National Renewable Energy Center), focuses on introduction of Danish know-how and experiences with advanced technol-ogies and ideas related to the collection of landfill gas.

The project is expected to increase the collection of landfill gas from app. 20-30 % to app. 60 %. Subsequently, the concept will be transferred to other landfill sites in China, with similar biogas potential.

The project is established at Zhengzhou waste treatment plant, located in Zhang Lidong Village, Houzhai Town, Erqi District, Zhengzhou Cit, Henan Province. The plant is supplied daily with approx. 200 tons organic food waste/fruit and vegetable waste intended to be used for energy production subsequently. For the utilization of the energy, three biogas generators with a total capacity of 3 MW are established.