Playbook for groundwater-based heat pump systems

Based on the experiences (positive as well as negative) gathered through projects with the establishment of heat pumps with groundwater as source, PlanEnergi has prepared a “Playbook” for the implementation of this type of project. The script contains partly the basic theory of geology and hydrogeology and partly a review of the project progress with regard to technical matters and not least the authorities’ treatment of the projects.
The playbook deals with the planning and establishment of groundwater heating systems for the production of district heating. The playbook has been prepared for the Danish Energy Agency, on the basis of the energy agreement of 22 March 2012, for the promotion of new RE technology in the district heating sector.

The target group for this playbook is district heating companies, authorities and advisors within the industry. Other stakeholders such as nature organisations, politicians and neighbors can also benefit from the playbook, as it gives an insight into how work is done with documentation of the facilities.

The storyboard brings together the experience gained from the work with the establishment of the heat recovery facilities from the idea phase via feasibility studies and design to the construction of the heat pump in the engineering building. In addition to this, the experiences from groundwater cooling plants and ATES plants, where there are many common interfaces and the same problems, are included. The experiences are both positive and negative, but collectively they provide a good foundation for what considerations must be made and how the activities in the process must be carried out, if you as a district heating plant are considering establishing a groundwater-based heat recovery plant.

Basically, the book introduces concepts and tools that are contained in the world of groundwater, as well as inserted links and references that allow for a deeper insight into and understanding of the various concepts. The book also describes how to organize the technical establishment of groundwater facilities, highlights the environmental aspects and the dialogue with authorities and other stakeholders, accounts of financial costs and risks of establishing and operating the facilities, as well as experiences from other groundwater heating projects.

The playbook should be seen as a source of inspiration in connection with considerations about whether groundwater heat as a heat source for heat pumps can become part of future district heating production. It must be made clear that the playbook is not a standard, but rather a source to increase the level of knowledge about groundwater heating and thus support the decision-making process.

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Playbook for groundwater-based heat pump systems