Playbook for large heat pump projects in the district heating system

District heating plants or other interested parties who are considering establishing a heat pump or simply want the latest knowledge in the area now have the opportunity to seek inspiration in an updated version of the Danish Energy Agency’s playbook for large heat pumps. The playbook was first published in 2014, but now there is an updated version which is based on the current framework conditions and contains the latest experiences.

The update of the playbook and the associated inspiration catalog was made for the Danish Energy Agency in a collaboration between Grøn Energi, DFP and PlanEnergi.

The playbook (Drejebogen) contains a general description of heat sources, types of heat pumps, official processing, finances, agreements, tenders, selection of supplier and testing of performance/delivery.

The inspiration catalogue (Inspirationskataloget) contains descriptions and economic conditions for a number of commissioned heat pumps in Danish district heating systems. The aim is to make the experience more accessible to the industry and thus contribute to an increased spread of heat pumps in the district heating system.
The calculation tool (Beregningsværktøjet) has also been updated and now contains a function for making calculation estimates for air-based heat pump systems. At the same time, the solar heating section has been updated and the tool has now become even more useful for making rough calculations on district heating systems, where operating situations and economy can be compared with and without an electrically driven heat pump.

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Playbook for large heat pump projects in the district heating system