PlanEnergi – expert advice within renewable energy projects

PlanEnergi offers counselling for all kinds of implementation and development projects within the renewable energy sector worldwide

PlanEnergi is an independent institution whose purpose is to promote the use of resource-saving and environment-preserving systems. We want to promote this through commercial activities within renewable energy, rational energy utilization and energy planning as well as information activities.

In all work carried out by PlanEnergi, it is essential that a well-developed, high-quality product is delivered, so that customers can make decisions on an informed and well-researched basis; this also includes objectivity and impartiality in the work and the recommendations. Our work as an advisor and impartial party is based on cooperation between the parties involved, in order to achieve the best solution adapted to the customer’s needs. Our recommendations are based on factual information and factual argumentation. We always follow applicable legislation and always advise our customers to do the same.

PlanEnergi was founded in 1983 as an independent consultancy firm with the core objective “To promote
the use of resource-saving and environment protective systems”.

Today we have a strong customer base consisting of some of the most progressive district heating
companies, municipalities, and regions in Denmark as well as a good international network, which
includes regular partners in particular Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Spain and France as well as
projects in China.

Our latest projects

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