Strategy and vision


PlanEnergi’s vision is to make a significant contribution to the development of and conversion to sustainable and efficient energy systems supplied with 100% renewable energy.


PlanEnergi’s purpose is thus to promote the use of resource-saving and environment-preserving systems within such fields of work, as renewable energy, rational energy utilization, energy planning and information activity 


PlanEnergi’s fundamental core values are:
– Sustainable Development
– Quality, professionalism and impartiality
– Personal commitment and mutual trust
– Equality, co-determination and transparency

In order to realize the vision, PlanEnergi’s mission is to;

  • lead the development of new renewable energy technologies and ideas
  • contribute to innovative projects within integrated energy systems
  • always have knowledge and skills at the highest level in the industry
  • disseminate our knowledge of integrated energy systems and the use of renewable energy technologies
  • adapt the solutions locally with a focus on the overall energy system
  • ensure local anchoring and ownership as well as citizen involvement to the widest possible extent
  • maintain a strong position in the application and implementation of renewable and efficient energy technologies

Promotion of sustainable development is the fundamental value for PlanEnergi, in the choice of task types, solutions and the daily work. Therefore, priority is given to projects which contribute to creating sustainable development, e.g. through development projects.

Through all our activities and projects, we seek to contribute to a transition to renewable energy, either through the displacement of plants based on fossil fuels or through the implementation of energy-saving measures.

In addition, we actively work to reduce the general consumption of resources both through our daily work and by encouraging the most optimal projects to be carried out.