District Heating

PlanEnergi has extensive experience in cooperating with district heating suppliers. PlanEnergi always adjusts the effort to the client’s requirements and resources. The company also participates in development projects, among others for large solar heating plants, heat pumps and seasonal heat storage. 

PlanEnergi is a partner in the analysis unit of the Danish District Heating, Green Energy, and member of the North Jutland district heating network, FleksEnergi, as well as the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) and Dänische Fernwärme Allianz.

PlanEnergi offers consultancy during all phases in the establishment of district heating supply, e.g.:

  • Master plans and basis documents for decisions in transition to renewable energy sources and conversion from individual heat supply
  • Regulatory procedures – project proposal, local development plan, EIA report, application for environmental permit
  • Tender documents
  • Contract writing
  • Supervision
  • Construction management
  • Test of fixed services

We consult in many project types, e.g.:

  • Biomass plants

PlanEnergi offers consultancy concerning biomass-based solutions for district heating production, both with and without electricity production. PlanEnergi has been the client advisor and project manager of several turnkey projects, where complete biomass plants have been established, including fuel storage and handling as well as building. PlanEnergi also handles dialogue with authorities concerning the fire&safety aspects of construction. To get consultation please turn to Anders Michael Odgaard

  • Extension of district heating networks and development of new systems

The extension of district heating networks is a part of PlanEnergi’s work on strategic heat planning for municipalities and an integrated part of a number of district heating projects. Our services range from initial screening of potentials, through feasibility studies, pipe system dimensioning and hydraulic analysis to tendering process, advising in the construction process and final commissioning. Extensions of the district heating network can be calculated in the LeanHeat software, a hydraulic and thermodynamic modelling tool, which among other features simulates waterflow, pressure, temperature and energy in district heating systems. To get consultantion please turn to Rasmus Lund

  • Seasonal heat storage

Since the first project with pit thermal energy storage (PTES) in Ottrupgård in 1994, PlanEnergi has been a leading consultant in large thermal storages for district heating, including implementation of 75,000 m3 PTES in Marstal, 19,000 m3 borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) in Brædstrup, 60,000 m3 PTES in Dronninglund and 70,000 m3  PTES in Høje Taastrup, Copenhagen as well as feasibility calculations of  several projects a.o. of a PTES of 1.5 2.0 million m3 in Graz, Austria. Beside that PlanEnergi works with high temperature thermal storages and storage of electricity. To get more information please turn to Per Alex Sørensen 

  • Excess heat

PlanEnergi offers consultancy on the utilization and integration of excess heat into existing district heating production and offers consultancy on the utilization of excess heat within existing framework conditions. In some excess heat projects, the excess heat may be used directly in the district heating system, while in other cases the temperature is so low, that utilization of heat will have to be effectuated by extracting it with a heat pump. To get consultation please turn to Per Alex Sørensen 

  • Solar district heating

PlanEnergi offers consultancy and project management of large solar heating projects. PlanEnergi was a consultant for some of the first attempts on large solar heating plants in the late 1980s, and has worked in the field ever since. Thanks to the last 30 years of development in the field, solar heating has expanded in Denmark and is now a well-known and widely used technology. For more information please turn to Daniel Trier

  • Large-scale heat pumps

PlanEnergi sees a large potential in the use of heat pumps in the district heating systems of the future, and is therefore consultant and project manager in several development projects in that area. The projects are based on for example seawater, ground water and excess heat as a heat source. Besides heat pumps for district heating, PlanEnergi also assists industrial companies in the integration of heat pumps in their energy systems. For more information please turn to Lars Reinholdt or to Pernille Hartmund Jørgensen

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Selected projects


PlanEnergi is main consultant for a 70,000 m³ pit heat thermal storage (PTES) project where the PTES will be demonstrated in a new function as accumulation tank in a district heating (DH) system


Excess heat from wastewater from Arla Foods in Rødkærsbro is utilized for district heating in Rødkærsbro


CHESTER project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 764042.


Maps contain an overview of large scale heat storage systems, heat pumps and solar heating systems in Danish district heating networks as well as current and historical data for these systems.