International activities

PlanEnergi is engaged in many international projects and activities. This is a natural part of our mission to deploy renewable energy.

Our activities all over the world aim to explore the development opportunities and issues in the field of producing and using renewable energy, share innovative research results, promote international technical exchanges, and achieve green, efficient, and smart development of the global industry. Experts, scholars, industry practitioners, and policy researchers from all around the globe form our extended team of passionate professional like-minded people.

  • Germany

PlanEnergi has ongoing cooperation with Hamburg Institute (HI) with the purpose of deploying renewable district heating projects, combining HI’s competencies in heat planning with PlanEnergi’s experience in both heat planning and design & implementation of renewable district heating projects.

  • EU

In a number of EU countries PlanEnergi has an extensive network of partners, who have either been partners in EU projects or have participated in activities in the EU projects.

  • Japan

Since 2015 PlanEnergi has been engaged in cooperation with Japanese partners. The objective of the activities is to develop a number of specific district heating projects as well as capacity building with local partners in order to prepare for further renewable district heating projects.

  • France

PlanEnergi has been collaborating with French district heating stakeholders for more than a decade and has been part of the Danish-French district heating and cooling alliance (led by DBDH and the Danish embassy in France), as well as the Horizon2020 project “RES-DHC”. With presentations at events such as BePositive and Pollutec in Lyon in 2021, PlanEnergi has been continuously sharing Danish experience with efficient district heating, solar thermal installations and large thermal energy storages. This also includes participation to solar district heating training sessions organized by INES in le-Bourget-du-Lac since 2018.

  • Poland

PlanEnergi has begun its cooperation with the Polish DH utilities in 2019 through the EU-funded project Horizon2020 RES-DHC. Since then, PlanEnergi has won 2nd place in the research project of NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development) for an innovative and replicable RE-based DH system in North Poland utilizing seasonal thermal storage, solar thermal plant, and a large-scale heat pump. From 2024, a new Horizon project, TREASURE initiated, involving both, the Polish DH utility and industry with the focus on developing and implementing seasonal thermal storages.

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Selected projects

The aim of the IETS Task XIX – Electrification in Industry is to develop a platform for exchange of information, experiences, and lessons in R&D projects in the area of industrial electrification.
Please find the current version of the Heat Planning Toolbox (v 1.3, Apr 2022) available for download here


In the next three decades, the transformation of the DHC sector to reach the overall goal of a carbon=neutral Europe by 2050 will be particularly challenging for owners and operators of DHC systems and all related stakeholders, such as authorities, involved in this process.


The main objective of the RES-DHC project is to support the transformation of existing urban DHC systems to RES in six participating regions and thereby to derive – from these practical cases – technical and organizational solutions for such transformation processes.


The aim of the IEA DHC Annex TS3 „hybrid energy networks” is to promote opportunities and to overcome challenges for district heating and cooling (DHC) networks in an integrated energy system context, focusing on the coupling to the electricity and the gas grid.


The project is supported by EUDP with the purpose of making investigations and analyses as the Danish contribution to IEA’s Annex 35 under the Technology collaboration platform, ECES (Energy Conservation through Energy Storage)


PlanEnergi cooperates with the Japanese non-profit organization ISEP (Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies) to build a district heating tradition in Japan based on local energy and self-determination


CHESTER project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 764042.