Our history



PlanEnergi was founded as an independent consultancy firm with the core objective: “To promote the use of resource-saving and environment protective systems.” The company was – quite untraditionally – created as a non-profit fund (a self governing business institution)



The 1st project - Håndbog i Lokal Energiplanlægning. It was ‘A manual for local energy planning’ carried out in cooperation with local working groups, all working with renewable energy supply in small communities, who tested the chapters of the manual as they were written



PlanEnergi moves office to Skørping in the the old bank office at Jyllandsgade 44


PlanEnergi reaches 5 employees including the four founders.



PlanEnergi is consultant for the Danish Renewable Energy Island, Samsø.

PlanEnergi made the first plan for 100% renewable energy and has now made Samsø 3.0 where Samsø wants to be fossil free in 2030. During the whole period from 1996 until now local workplaces, local ownership of energy plants and utilities have been part of the plans.



PlanEnergi moves to its current office in the old Skørping Omegnsbank at Jyllandsgade 1.


Central Region Denmark

PlanEnergi is consultant for Central Region Denmark (1.2 million inhabitants), and has among others made energy balances every year for the region and every second year for all the 18 municipalities in the region. The latest strategic energy plan from 2014 has a renewable energy percentage of 50 as target in 2025. Part of the strategic energy plan is an analyze of the amount of new regional workplaces in implementation and operation of the proposed renewable energy production technologies and energy efficiency actions. This part was made in cooperation with Aalborg University.


PlanEnergi reaches 10 people

August 2010 – May 2012


Planning, design, tendering, installation and commissioning of the expansion of Brædstrup District Heating's production system with 19,000 m3 borehole heat storage BTES, 10,600 m2 solar thermal system, 1.2 MWthermal heat pump and 5,000 m3 buffer tank. Optimization of the overall system. Elaboration of an overall management strategy. Tendering and contracting on solar plant and storage. Supervision, handover and commissioning of the thermal storage.

Contract value: DKK 32,5 million (4,5 M EUR)



After years of mutual cooperation, SJ Consult in Aarhus decides to join PlanEnergi. The work with preparing EIAs for wind turbines and biogas plants is now a part of PlanEnergi, and PlanEnergi continues to have an office in Central Jutland in Aarhus in Vestergade 48H.

PlanEnergi reaches 15 people.

April 2011 – September 2013


Planning, design, tendering, installation and commissioning of extension of Marstal District Heating production system with 75,000 m3 seasonal storage PTES, 15,000 m2 solar collector system, 1.5 MWthermal heat pump and 4 MW wood-fired boiler with 0.75 MW ORC. Optimization of the plant overall control strategy. Preparation of tender and contracting of membrane work and lidding. Supervision of membrane works and lids. Handover and commissioning the storage. Validation of the measurements.

Contract value: DKK 64 million (8,5 M EUR)



PlanEnergi opens an office in Zealand in Forskerparken CAT in Roskilde.

PlanEnergi reaches 20 employees.

March 2013-April 2014


Planning, design, regulatory approval, tendering, installation, handover and commissioning of expansion of Dronninglund District Heating's production system with 60,000 m3 steam storage, 37,400 m2 solar collector system and 3.0 MWthermal absorption heat pump. Optimization of the overall system using TRNSYS and EnergyPRO. Development of an overall management strategy. Contracting of the membrane work and the lids. Supervision of membrane works and liner installation.

The Danish experience with implementation of PTES in the DH systems such as Dronninglund (60,000 m3 steam storage, 37,400 m2 solar collector system and 3.0 MW thermal absorption heat pump, 2013-2014) including planning, design, regulatory approval, tendering, installation, handover and commissioning of expansion - will enable viable support in WP2 to the demonstrators in all project phases of the implementation process.

Contract value: DKK 104 million (14 M EUR)



In the project PlanEnergi was responsible for capacity building in heating and cooling planning. Six European regions participated (Kerry and Tipperary, IE, Barcelona, ES, Schleswig Holstein and Baden-Württemberg, DE and Emilia-Romagna, IT) and learned through 3 capacity building workshops for each region to map local renewable resources, heat consumption, excess heat and efficiency potential and to use a common technology catalogue. Real cases of district heating and cooling using RES was calculated in each region. Calculation of the amount of created new workplaces was part of the calculation.

The project was managed by Ambiente Italia and supported by the EU program Intelligent Energy Europe.



PlanEnergi moves its Zealand office to Sydhavnen in Copenhagen.

PlanEnergi reaches 25 employees.



In the project 3 ”A-regions” (Thyringua, DE, Styria, AT and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, FR) paved the way for roll-out of solar district heating and 6 “B-regions” from BG, DE, IT, PL and SE copied the A-regions. PlanEnergi was among others responsible for coaching of the 9 regions and for elaboration of plug and play manuals for planning and implementation of solar district heating in areas without district heating and areas with existing district heating.

The project was managed by Solites, DE, and supported by the EU-programme Intelligent Energy Europe.




In the project implementation experiences with modulized district heating using RES should be exchanged from DK, DE and AT to the Balkan countries HR, SK, RS, Bosnia and Macedonia. Case studies was elaborated in the participating Balkan countries. PlanEnergi was among others responsible for a best practice report and for capacity building.

The project was managed by Ambiente Italia and supported by the EU program Intelligent Energy Europe.

Heat Roadmap Europe

In the Heat Roadmap Europe project tools for mapping of renewable resources (excess heat, biomass, biogas, geothermal heat, solar) for mapping of heating and cooling demand and potentials for district heating and cooling has been developed. The project includes 14 EU-countries which together account for approximately 85-90% of the heating and cooling demand in Europe.

PlanEnergi has been part of the mapping of solar thermal possibilities and for district heating and cooling planning workshops in cooperation with the project partners.

The project was managed by Aalborg University and supported by EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.



Transition plan, Hamburg

In cooperation with Hamburg Institut PlanEnergi made a transition plan replacing the coal fired combined heat and power plant Wedel with renewable heat production (excess heat, heat pumps, biomass, biogas, solar thermal and long term storage). Customer was Behörde für Umwet und Energie (BUE) in Hamburg.



HotMaps. Development of planning tool for heat planning in Europe (2017-2021), Horizon 2020. https://www.hotmaps-project.eu/

In the Hotmaps project an open source heating/cooling mapping and planning toolbox is developed. The data allow public authorities to identify, analyze, model and map resources and solutions to supply energy needs with their territory of responsibility.

PlanEnergi is responsible for implementation of the tool in 7 case cities (Aalborg, DK, Bistrita, RO, Donostia/San Sebastian, ES, Frankfurt-Am-Main, DE, Geneva, SU, Kerry County, IE and Milton Keynes, UK.

The project is managed by TU Wien and supported by EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Transition plan, Aalborg Varme

Nordjyllandsværket (coal fired combined heat and power plant) was in 2015 bought by Aalborg Municipality and in cooperation with NIRAS, COWI, Ranbøll and Aalborg Varme, PlanEnergi made a catalogue over local resources (biomass, biogas, wind, solar, geothermal heat…), a technology catalogue and transition plans including consequences for the amount of workplaces in the present situation and for heating and cooling with excess heat and RES when Nordjyllandsværket is closed latest in 2028.


Strategic Energy Plan, Southern Denmark

In cooperation with EA-Energy Analysis, 7 municipalities and all the utilities within electricity, waste incineration and heat production in the area a new strategic energy plan with focus on the future infrastructure for distribution of heat and electricity was elaborated for Southern Jutland.



In the SmartEnCity project smart solutions in the areas of energy, transport and ICT is developed and tested in 3 partner cities (Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES, Tartu, EE and Sønderborg, DK) and 2 follower cities (Lecce, IT and Asenovgrad, BG). Beside the implementation also a toolbox for Integrated Energy Planning is developed.

In the project, PlanEnergi among others participates in the elaboration of a baseline report for Sønderborg, the development of a baseline tool, the elaboration of an Integrated Energy Plan for Sønderborg, the development of a planning tool and the establishment and running of a European network of smart cities (the SmartEnCity network).

The project is managed by Tecnalia, ES, and supported by EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and 


Høje Taastrup

Planning, design, regulatory approval, tendering, construction, handover and commissioning of 70,000 m3 pit heat storage connected to VEKS' transmission system and Høje Taastrup District Heating's distribution system. Preparation of the plant geometry. Tendering, contracting, supervision and handover of earthworks and civil works. Works included site clearance, topsoil dewatering for later piling, excavation for reservoir storage and construction of earth embankments.

Contract value: DKK 74 million (10 M EUR)

September 2020 – March 2022

SEC Poland, NCBiR

PlanEnergi was commissioned by SEC in group of E.ON. Poland to commonly design an innovative demonstration plant to decarbonise carbon intensive district heating system in north-western part of Poland. The project proposal was granted with financial programme of NCBiR and the detailed design of the sustainable heat production concept was performed. This consisted of solar thermal, seasonal thermal storage PTES and air to water heat pump. The implementation of the systems awaits further funding options and is planned to expand it for the whole city and potentially other E.ON plants in Poland.

“Ciepłownia przyszłości - Demonstrator z OZE Choszczno”.

Contract value: PLN 30 million (6,5 M EUR)



Support to transition of existing district heating utilities to RES in six European regions.

coordinating and undertaking coaching activities to help European region in the introduction of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the District Heating and Cooling (DHC) sector.


PlanEnergi reaches 40 employees


Fjernvarme Fyn

Design and production of complete tendering documents for a 700.000 m3 PTES for Fjernvarme Fyn including excavation, in-and outlet system (150 MW), membrane works, lid construction and monitoring system. The project is on hold because of delay in authorities permission and insecurity of future fuel prices.



Developing international fact sheets for existing RE technologies and the integrated systems for assessment of RES potentials, an overview of obstacles and bottlenecks for the transition to RES technologies, guidelines for transition.


Integration of renewable energy sources into existing district heating and cooling systems



PlanEnergi moves the Zealand office to the current address in Nørregade 13, Copenhagen

PlanEnergi reaches 45 employees


40 years of green transition

PlanEnergi is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Skørping on 24 November

Here can be found presentations from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Høje Taastrup District Heating, Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and Sindal Biogas