Consultancy in Regulatory Procedures

PlanEnergi has a broad team of competences within the handling of permits, approvals, etc. We have experience with

  • landzone applications,
  • municipal planning supplements, l
  • local plan dealing with biogas/energy production, solar cells and wind turbines or combinations,
  • EIA screenings, environmental assessment (environmental impact reports and environmental reports) and
  • applications for environmental approval.

PlanEnergi can assist with the entire package, including conditions around traffic, nature and biodiversity, water, noise, smell / other emissions, deposition, visual conditions, risk assessment, etc.

Regarding district heating, PlanEnergi carries out project proposals for district heating plants after the Danish Heat Supply Act. It is possible to calculate project proposals in the optimization program energyPRO. Socioeconomic calculations are performed based on the current preconditions from the Danish Energy Agency.

Furthermore, PlanEnergi assists both district heating plants and authorities in matters related to the Heat Supply Act.

In connection with environmental permits, PlanEnergi also prepares calculations of operational meteorological air quality models (OML), in accordance with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for air quality.

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Selected projects


In line with the expansion of biogas production in Denmark, we see a tendency towards the establishment of new and larger units


The purpose of the project is to reduce costs for and the climate impact from the production of bio-natural gas, i.a. with a focus on reducing energy consumption, increased biomass yield during pretreatment, reduction of methane loss during slurry handling and at the plant, etc.


PlanEnergi is the project manager for the Danish Agency for Agriculture’s project “Advisory scheme for joint biogas plants and their suppliers of manure on options to reduce the residence time of manure in barns and warehouses 2018 – 2020”