Vaarst-Fjellerad Cogeneration Plant

Vaarst-Fjellerad Cogeneration Plant is one of the 50 pre-district heating communities allowed to establish a 1 MW biomass boiler for the production of district heating as a result of an amendment of the Heat Supply Act.

PlanEnergi has been involved in the establishment of the biomass boiler from start to finish, from the initial economic as well as technical and assessments to the regulatory procedures and tender, to plant owner consultancy and supervision regarding the establishment of the project.

The plant has been completed in a turnkey contract, where Linka Energy A/S has been the turnkey contractor.

In addition to a greener profile, it is possible for Vaarst-Fjellerad Cogeneration Plant to lower the heat price for its customers, due to cheaper fuel and higher heat efficiency.

The wood chip boiler has a fuel input of 1 MW and a heat efficiency of over 108 %. The woodchip-fired boiler is fully automatic and is, among other technical installations, supplied with wood chips by a fully automatic monorail crane.