Large-Scale Heat Pumps

lanEnergi sees a large potential in the use of heat pumps in the district heating systems of the future, and is therefore consultant and project manager in several development projects in that area. The projects are based on for example seawater, ground water and excess heat as a heat source.

PlanEnergi has been a plant owner consultant and project manager for Gl. Rye Cogeneration plant, establishing a heat pump using groundwater as a heat source. The groundwater heat pump in Gl. Rye was the first of its kind in Denmark. It cools the groundwater from 9°C to 2°C. In addition to the heat pump, the plant production is supplemented by a solar thermal plant. The project is supported by EUDP.

Furthermore, PlanEnergi has assisted Broager District Heating as the consultant and project leader, in the process of establishing a 4 MW groundwater heat pump. The project received funding from the program for large-scale heat pumps by the Danish Energy Agency.

PlanEnergi has also been the project manager for Rødkærsbro District Heating, where a heat pump was installed for utilization of excess heat from a dairy.

Besides heat pumps for district heating, PlanEnergi also assists industrial companies in the integration of heat pumps in their energy systems.

Road Map for Large Heat Pumps in the District Heating System

Together with Grøn Energi, The Danish Technological Institute and Rambøll, PlanEnergi has worked out a road map for project development as well as an inspiration catalogue for large heat pump projects within the district heating system. This was carried out for the Danish Energy Agency. PlanEnergi has also elaborated a calculation tool for carrying out simple heat pump calculations within a district heating system.

Please refer to the Danish version of this page for the road map and calculation tool (in Danish).

Large Heat Pumps in Denmark

Furthermore, PlanEnergi has made a survey map of large electricity driven heat pumps which produce heat for the danish district heat network.

Please see or download a detailed overview of large heat pumps in Denmark.