The conversion of the transport sector to renewable energy is necessary if Denmark is to reach its 2050 energy goals for 100% renewable energy supply.

PlanEnergi works with the conversion of the transport sector to renewable energy on several levels – from investigations and analyses of the transport sector’s role in the future energy system to calculations carried out for specific projects.


  • PlanEnergi has, in cooperation with a biogas partnership for bus services in The Central Denmark Region (RM), analysed the possibilities for converting parts of the bus traffic in the region from diesel to gas. The analysis shows that the total cost of gas and diesel for bus transport, respectively, is very close in several municipalities in Region Midtjylland.
  • On Samsø, PlanEnergi has investigated the possibilities of using locally produced biogas in the transport sector, including the island’s ferry transport.
  • For Green Gas’ business cluster, PlanEnergi has investigated a number of business cases, including among others transport, concerning use of biogas, etc.