Dronninglund – one of the world’s largest solar heating plants

The objective of the SUNSTORE 3 project has been to optimize, design and implement a full scale demonstration plant with 35,000 m2 solar thermal collectors, 60,000 m3 pit heat storage and a heat pump that utilizes the storage as heat source. The demonstration plant opened in May 2014.

Planning, design, regulatory approval, tendering, installation, handover and commissioning of expansion of Dronninglund District Heating’s production system with 60,000 m3 steam storage, 37,400 m2 solar collector system and 3.0 MWthermal absorption heat pump. Optimization of the overall system using TRNSYS and EnergyPRO. Development of an overall management strategy. Contracting of the membrane work and the lids. Supervision of membrane works and liner installation.

Contract value: DKK 104 million (14 M EUR)

Project period: March 2013-April 2014

Solar collectors
Pond thermal storage
Absorption heat pump

Project team

Our professional team that worked on this project

Project reports

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Dronninglund – one of the world’s largest solar heating plants