Høje Taastrup

Thermal energy storage, pointedly pit thermal energy storage, is a technology that will contribute to the future of district heating and renewable energy systems. Heat storage is an enabler for the coupling of the electricity sector and the heating sector. The demand for energy storage will increase in a world with significantly fluctuating energy prices, which makes thermal energy storage technology particularly interesting.

A new pit thermal energy storage is now in operation in Høje Taastrup contributing to the heat supply of Copenhagen, Denmark. This 70.000 m3 storage is the first of its type in operation in Denmark. It is operating as weekly storage, as opposed to seasonal storage which is most often seen in these types of projects. This is done to carry the benefit of the fluctuating energy prices by for example producing heat through the use of electricity when the electricity prices are low and utilizing the stored heat to lower the consumption of fossil fuels in the heat consumption peak hours.

The next interesting aspect of the EUDP-supported development project is to monitor the storage operation and learn how to optimize it.

We, at PlanEnergi, are very pleased to be contributing.
Planning, design, regulatory approval, tendering, construction, handover and commissioning of 70,000 m3 steam storage connected to VEKS’ transmission system and Høje Taastrup District Heating’s distribution system. Preparation of the plant geometry. Tendering, contracting, supervision and handover of earthworks and civil works. Works included site clearance, topsoil dewatering for later piling, excavation for reservoir storage and construction of earth embankments.

Contract value: DKK 74 million (10 M EUR)
Project period: September 2019-2023

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Høje Taastrup