PtX Infrastructure

The goal of this project is to evaluate Danish investment options for hydrogen (H2) and CO2 infrastructure to support green fuel production in the context of an integrated, sector-coupled European energy system. The project will address current plans and potential build-outs, assessing both the value of H2 and CO2 grids and storages in an uncertain European energy transition. This project focuses on a very important part of the value chain, namely the infrastructure required to transport some of the main building blocks for PtX: electricity, H2 and CO2. Currently, only Energinet, Evida and GSD are analysing grids and storages in a Danish context and not in a coherent framework (as highlighted in state-of-the-art). This project will facilitate coordination and joint learning, provide new co-optimisation and uncertainty analysis methods, and assessments of investment scenarios. Energinet will be part of the Advisory Board, while Evida and GSD will join as partners. Danish Energy Agency will join the Advisory Board representing the regulator side, while Mærsk will join as a potential consumer of PtX fuels.

PlanEnergi is sharing experience on the CO2 application from the biogas plants giving the ability to contribute to the development of the H2 and CO2 infrastructures which are crucial for the efficient utilisation of biogas for PtX products.

Project team

Our professional team that worked on this project

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PtX Infrastructure